';Exhibition in Pieros – Mykonos – Tonia Prevena

Exhibition in Pieros – Mykonos

Exhibition in Pieros – Mykonos

Painting Exhibition in PIEROS Mykonos – Greece. From 30/7/2011 untill 30/9/2011

Few Words for the famous Pieros Bar.
With Mykonos already established as a hideaway for the rich and famous of the 50’s and 60’s, the arrival of the Italian artist Piero Aversa and the opening of his bar in the early 70’s began a somewhat historical era for the gay community of the time. Due to the open-mindedness of the local residents, those early days allowed the opportunity for an open celebration of the gay life style together with an unprecedented sense of freedom rarely found anywhere else in the world. During that time incredible parties of elaborate costume and glamour were normal events. With such a thriving party atmosphere one would think loss of control would be inevitable but a sense of style and refinement was always evident.

Today in Mykonos, that celebration and sense of freedom continues. Within the realm of the gay vacationers who come to visit, a respect for the island and its history has been upheld and with it a certain sense of style and refinement remains.

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