';EGGS COLLECTION – Tonia Prevena


My inspiration for the egg collection was based on the creation of the world, the birth. Everything becomes important from a trivial event, a dot, a brushstroke of color, a promise, an egg. So, I created 10 paintings, based on color, which for me means every color and a message of life. For example, the green color symbolizes hope, (the green egg), the red color symbolizes flirting ( the red egg), the white color symbolizes hope( the white egg), the black color symbolizes the fear (the black egg), the purple color symbolizes fertility (the purple egg), the yellow color symbolizes the separation of good from evil (the yellow egg). The pink color symbolizes love (the pink egg), the light Blue the motherhood ( the light blue egg), the gold color symbolizes sin ( the gold egg) and finally the orange color symbolizes the center of the egg (the orange egg), the planet earth that welcomes us with all the animals and plants. With the orange egg closes my line of the collection of paintings THE EGGS, where all these works have been printed and repainted in Haute couture clothes, signed by Anastasia Avioti, Fashion designer, swimsuits, kaftans, modern dresses, and jackets.

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